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We understand that organisational cultures, as well as the challenges and aspirations of the individual professional are multifaceted, ever-changing and unique.

To design and implement corporate training and leadership training programmes that provide real learning that sticks, you and your organisation must commit to embarking on a High Performance Learning Journey. Together, you will be able to make sure that what is learned is actually retained and used in the workplace, as well as track your development, measure your training results, and grow as a team.

Our Philosophy

Each of our clients is unique as they have specific challenges, situations and goals.

At Kaleidoskope, we always work closely with you to tailor, customise and create learning and development solutions that best meet your needs. And we offer you and your organisation access to a wide range of programmes, where you can modify or mix from our range of expertise to propel your organisations to new heights.


Corporate Training Singapore


Upon asssessing the challenges you're tackling, and appreciating the outcome you envision, a bespoke programme is designed based on an HPLJ Approach.


Our Corporate Training Programmes

Leading Through Change

Examine your resilience to change and learn how to become resilient, as well as work with your teams to manage reactions to change and engage them in delivering change initiatives.

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Managing Stakeholders

Identify who your stakeholders are and how to meet their needs, as well as better understand the behaviours of others and choose influencing strategies accordingly.

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Influencing Skills

Learn how to exert your influence when communicating with others by analysing effective influencing behaviours and practising their application in different situations.

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Facilitation Skills

Gain basic facilitation tools and a structured process for leading staff meetings, planning sessions, project meetings and brainstorming sessions.

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Presentation Skills

Boost your confidence and abilities by learning the key principles for making effective presentations, and making two actual presentations that can be used for future reference.

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Organisational Savvy

Better understand how “office politics” works, gain the tools you need to help you work within this system, and learn how to be more influential for the good of the company.

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Managing Time and Priorities

Learn to achieve goals even with limited resources in your demanding company environment by using tools and techniques for efficient time management.

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Creative Problem-Solving for Better Decision-Making

Get to know the fundamental skills and tools you need to identify and solve problems creatively and effectively, and apply what you’ve learned to your actual workplace situation.

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Leading and Managing Teams

Help your team leaders to become more aware of their teams’ different working styles, as well as to empathise with them, gain their trust, and enhance collaboration.

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Effective Team Communication

Enable teams in your organisation develop intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. Foster deeper communication and self-awareness to deliver organisational goals.

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Thriving Under Pressure

Identify the causes of stress in the workplace, understand how stress affects people, and gain stress management techniques as well as a plan for applying them.

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Managing and Communicating Up

Help your team members communicate more effectively with your senior executives by teaching them communication styles and understanding priorities.

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