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Agile Leadership &
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Overall Aim:

The Agile Leadership and Strategy Execution learning journey aims to provide senior managers and executive leaders with the critical abilities, insights, and perspectives needed to swiftly and effectively spearhead strategic change initiatives, tackle organisational challenges and capitalising on growth opportunities  within their organisations. 

There are 2 critical parts to this learning journey:  The Strategic Transformation and Executional Excellence.  And the Rapid-Deployment Leadership workshop.

The workshops are hands-on, practical and focused on applicable frameworks and what is perhaps most unique in this learning journey is the focus on play.  It promises to be a fun, interactive and experiential learning – a rarity in senior leadership workshops!

How you benefit:

  • Develop the ability to make informed, strategic decisions that help you navigate complex challenges and capitalise on opportunities for growth and innovation
  • Be equipped with agile leadership skills and the tools to adapt to changing circumstances, drive transformation, and effectively lead your team in today’s dynamic business environment
  • Strengthen your strategic acumen and execution capabilities, to ensure that your organisation’s goals are not only well-defined but also effectively implemented and achieved
  • Have the adaptive leadership and strategic thinking skills to help accelerate your organisation’s performance, increase its competitiveness, and ensure long-term success for all
  • Create sustainable impact within your teams and organisations by integrating global best practices 
  • Have fun – the learning journey is designed intentionally to be focused on experiential learning

Programme Outline:

  • 4S WORKSHOP STRUCTURE: Delivering High-Value Transformational Outcomes With Low Cost And Low Risk
    • Stories – explore the gap between achievements and aspirations, and create an emotional bond between the participants and the strategic transformation
    • Strategy – collaboratively review the strategic and executional expectations of the transformation to uncover previously unexpressed risks and opportunities
    • Science – activate innovative thinking with a dive into the science of digital transformation
    • Solutions – identify and isolate issues, elicit new ideas, and co-design practical solutions at a rapid tempo.
  • 5L STRUCTURE: Evidence-Based Leadership For Future-Focused Organisations
    • The Leadership Role
    • Future-Focused Leadership
    • You and your Leadership
    • Leading Complex Systems
    • Leadership in Practice

Who should attend:

This programme is most suitable for C-suite executives (CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, etc.), division or department heads, senior managers, and key project and strategy leaders. 

Likewise, high-potential leaders on a senior management track as well as upward-moving managers with significant decision-making authority stand to benefit.

Speak to us for more information on our programmes, or if you wish for us to customise one for you.

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