Managing Time and

Overall Aim:

This programme aims to equip participants with a range of tools and techniques for increasing effectiveness through efficient time management. Participants learn to achieve their goals with limited resources in a demanding environment.

How you benefit:

  • Discover how time is currently being used by recognising common “Time Wasters” and “Space Invaders”
  • Recognise and address common time management barriers by understanding personal and cultural approach to time
  • Appreciate use of delegation and effective meeting skills to manage workload
  • Understand how using key time management tools such as prime time, the importance/urgency matrix and the 6 D document management model addresses time effectiveness challenges

Programme Outline:

  • Understanding common “Time Wasters” and “Space Invaders”
  • Exploring varying cultural attitudes to time/punctuality
  • Using the Prioritisation model – importance vs. urgency
  • Reviewing own current use of time
  • Delegating effectively – key barriers, principles for delegation
  • Preparing for effective meetings
  • Making and structuring agendas that work
  • Using Prime Time and “Document” management
  • Discovering the 6 D Model

Who should attend:

New managers, mid-level managers, and individual contributors looking to develop time management and prioritisation skills.

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