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To address our clients’ challenges and needs in the most impactful and efficient way, we collaborate with global innovators in learning technology and analytics to offer unique and cutting-edge solutions that deliver measurable results.

Experience the Future of Learning

Working with KNOLSKAPE, a leading innovator in the world of gamified-learning solutions, we are able to blend and combine the best of in-classroom learning with immersive and experiential learning through a wide range of learning modules, adding a new dimension to the participants’ learning journey.

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Turn Training into Performance

To help our clients realise the full potential of their training, we work with Promote International to achieve higher business results and greater value for their organisations.

Through social learning, effective training, management involvement and impact measurement, learning journeys are monitored effectively until their desired outcomes are reached.

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Learning Analytics for Optimised Performance

Metrics that Matter® is a market-leading learning analytics system, which combines a world-class evaluation system with powerful analytic tools to help clients measure and improve their learning programmes.

Through Metrics that Matter®, we help our clients derive meaningful learning analytics and valuable comparative benchmarks for determining the Return-on-Investment from learning inventions.

This helps our clients answer the questions that really matter to their organisation and enables business executives to fully engage with their organisation’s learning and development process.

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What is Extended DISC®

Extended DISC® identifies the true strengths and developmental areas to allow for accurate performance improvement. What makes the Extended DISC® tool different is its ability to measure the hard-wired DISC-style.

This means the results show who the individual actually is and not what the person thinks he/she needs or wants to be. As a result, Extended DISC® identifies the true strengths and developmental areas to allow for accurate performance improvement.Internationally Validated Assessments

Extended DISC® is validated – and periodically re-validated – around the world to ensure reliability and accuracy. As you can imagine, the validity of the results is questionable at best.

Extended DISC® does not generate an assessment when the validity of the results is low.Tailored Assessments for Your Unique Needs
Extended DISC® does not force you to select from a few off-the-shelf reports. Rather, it allows you to:

  • Customize the reports for content, length, pictures, colours, logos, page order, etc. to provide the most relevant and user-friendly assessments.
  • Provide results that are relevant and specific to the roles (E.g., Executives, Managers, Salespeople, Customer Service Representatives, Team Members, Students, Athletes, etc.).
  • Provide assessments that are practical and specific to your industry.
  • Create Pair, Team, Department, Division and even Organisational asessments without having to ask employees to complete additional questionaires.
  • Have access to Executive Dashboard making it an incredibly powerful, real-time OD tool.

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