Overall Aim:

This highly interactive and engaging programme aims to provide participants with an opportunity to develop conflict awareness in work setting and an ability to diagnose conflict before it intensifies. Through the use of role plays and exercises, participants learn to apply appropriate conflict resolution techniques to tense situations to get maximum results.

How you benefit:

  • Understand the impact of emotions in conflict situations
  • Describe the five conflict management “modes” of the Thomas-Killman matrix
  • Demonstrate strategies that avoid escalation of conflict
  • Demonstrate techniques to show empathy and rapport
  • Review a variety of conflict management tools and apply these during skills practice

Programme Outline:

  • Evaluating typical sources of conflict
  • Using the Emotional Intelligence model
  • Analysing and applying Thomas-Kilmann conflict management strategies/modes
  • Appling communication skills for conflict resolution
  • Practising learning conversations
  • Managing stress and keeping calm during conflict
  • Handling customer complaints

Who should attend:

New managers, mid-level managers, and individual contributors looking to develop conflict resolution skills.Speak to us for more information on our programmes, or if you wish for us to customise one for you.

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