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Leveraging technology to stimulate growth for your organisation is a cornerstone of Kaleidoskope’s methodology. A myriad of digital tools is usually already at your disposal—stable Internet connections, laptops, computers and devices, virtual networks you may already have at your office—so we’d like to help you harness them effectively, whether you’re in Singapore or anywhere in the world.

In delivering innovative and sustainable learning opportunities, we offer webinars to complement our face-to-face leadership training. You and your organisation can still benefit from an enhanced overall learning experience even when in-person sessions are improbable—a scenario that’s now all too familiar to us, given the prevailing global health concerns.

Thus, our webinars are designed as a growth-enabling resource for streamlining the work process and optimising dynamics within your respective organisations. Our suite of leadership webinars comprises engaging, interactive and web-based multimedia lessons, and facilitated discussions intended to set you off on your way to a High-Performance Learning Journey.

Each 90-minute interactive session is guided by Kaleidoskope’s trainers whose leadership grasp and expertise have helped shape today’s corporate landscape. With their proven experience and result-oriented approach to teaching, our trainers can mold you into a ‘leader of learners’ with a clear path to success.

Online Learning Singapore: Webinars that Work for You

Through our leadership webinars, you will gain the skills to better communicate with your teammates and the tools to streamline knowledge-transfer within your organisation. Likewise, you’ll benefit from relevant insights on shaping the right mindset toward effective people- and resource management.

Our leadership webinars also serve as a venue for creating dialogue, sharing ideas, and growing your network.

With our webinars, you’re not required to travel, only telecommunicate—a reality that most organisations are increasingly grappling with nowadays. Webinars don’t require the time or expenses of travel. And participation in webinars doesn’t generally require an extensive network.

What this means for you and your organisation is that you’ll get the same quality of training as face-to-face training. In the face of today’s health crisis, you won’t have to compromise on the education of your people. Our webinars can be accessed at a time and place that’s convenient for you.

Each short and succinct presentation is focused on disseminating useful information that addresses your team’s shared concern or consequence. We’ll also be referencing graphs and infographics, further ensuring that the time you spent online is an opportunity optimized to your learning experience.

Studies show that webinars are also effective in promoting interaction because of the pseudo-anonymity it affords the participants. Some people who feel too shy to participate in face-to-face group dynamics somehow work up the courage, given the relative comfort zone that a virtual environment provides.

Leadership Training Singapore: Webinar Topics

1. Time and Priority Management

Our “Beat the Clock!” webinar will give you the keys to effective time- and priority-management, and offer tips on how to reduce what you have to do and use your time more effectively.

2. Negotiation Skills

The “Round the Table” webinar introduces participants to fundamental negotiation skills, and provides a best-practice structure that increases the likelihood of achieving your desired results.

3. Managing Up

In our “Managing Up” webinar, you’ll learn effective techniques to improve working relationships with your boss, and significantly impact the way you regard and interact with management.

4. Being Mindful

Mindfulness entails a heightened awareness of your situation, experience, and the effects of your actions. In this webinar, you’ll learn to master your thoughts and emotions, and focus on how to be healthier, happier, and perform better at work.

5. Influencing Skills

“Persuasion Without Power” is a webinar that introduces key concepts in influencing and provides guidance on how to impel others to support your ideas without the need to yield authority.

6. Giving Constructive Feedback

Our “Giving Constructive Feedback” webinar will equip you with an arsenal of strategies to maximise feedback as a tool for increasing productivity—ensuring that it stays effective and result-oriented.

7. Effective Meetings

The “Meetings That Matter” is a webinar on effective meeting skills that offer tips on overcoming or minimising bad meeting habits, and techniques to make your meetings worth attending.

8. Coaching Skills

Our “GROWing Your Coaching Skills” webinar will provide you with strategic methods and vital skills to mold you into an effective coach, drawing on the GROW coaching principles.

9. Being Assertive

“Standing Firm” will teach you how to get your ideas across by being open, honest, and direct. This webinar will also provide practical tools for maintaining smooth relationships within your teams.

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