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Be updated on Kaleidoskope’s July-September 2022 leadership and management courses delivered by industry-leading trainers in Singapore. Our short-but-succinct corporate workshops are conducted online or face-to-face, and include engaging real-world simulations.

Kaleidoskope - Corporate Workshops Singapore - Change Quest


Trainer : Tan Weixi

Duration : 1.5-day workshop

Mode : Face-to-face

Learn successful stakeholder management skills through a highly interactive and engaging business simulation. Contact us to express your interest in this training, for your teams or entire organisation.

Kaleidoskope - Corporate Workshops Singapore - The First Time Manager Learning Journey

First-Time Managers’ Workshop

Trainer : Paul Stuart

Duration : 3-month training

Mode : Virtual workshops (2.5 hours per session)

This learning journey is customised for a global fintech company, for first-time managers to be day-one ready for their new leadership roles. The journey kicks off with a Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI®) assessment, which will allow participants to evaluate their work ethos and attitudes under stress and pressure. In the course of the training, which include short and snappy virtual sessions, participants will acquire critical managerial skills set and effective leadership competencies.

Kaleidoskope - Corporate Workshops Singapore - Orientation programme

Orientation Programme For A Singapore Government Agency

Trainer : Paul Stuart

Duration : 1-month training

Mode : Face-to-face workshops (3 hours per session)

In coordination with key stakeholders, this orientation programme is created specifically for a government agency in Singapore. The 3-hour sessions will include discussions on the agency’s mission, vision, and values. Simulations and games are incorporated into the workshops, making it more engaging and participative — a different experience from the usual self-download orientation programmes in most agencies.

Kaleidoskope - Corporate Workshops Singapore - Compliance and regulatory training for an Asian bank

Compliance And Regulatory Training For An Asian Bank

Trainer : Tay Sok Leng

Duration : 1-day training

Mode : Hybrid (face-to-face and virtual workshops)

Designed for a leading bank in Asia, this training will revolve around a series of regulatory and compliance topics covering Article 24, Anti-Money Laundering, and the 3 Lines of Defence. This typically boring subject matter has been made more engaging by our experienced trainer, from which participants can expect new knowledge and insights gleaned from case studies and best practices.

Kaleidoskope - Corporate Workshops Singapore - Hi Po Executive Development Programme

Hi-Po Executive Development Programme

Trainer : Tay Sok Leng

Duration : 4-month training (July-October)

Mode : Virtual workshops

This is a talent development programme customised for select participants from a Japanese firm with a presence in different Asian countries. The workshop topics were curated and designed based on specific leadership competencies that are relevant to the organisation. In addition to attending workshops, participants were also required to work jointly on projects with an ESG focus — aligned with the ESG objectives of the Japanese HQ. Our trainer will drive this holistic learning journey, drawing upon her expertise and experience in the ESG sectors to coach and guide the participants in their projects.

Kaleidoskope - Corporate Workshops Singapore - Solution Focused Coaching

Solution-Focused Coaching

Trainer : Lily Koh

Duration : 1-month training (August)

Mode : Face-to-face workshop

In this programme, our specialist coach works with a team of medical personnel at a local clinical research company to introduce the fundamentals of solution-focused coaching. This train-the-coach workshop focuses on helping participants become more effective coaches by answering pertinent questions such as (1) what is coaching, (2) what is mentoring, (3) when do I coach, (4) when do I NOT coach, and (5) how do I coach.

Kaleidoskope - Corporate Workshops Singapore - Leading Hyrbrid Teams Successfully

Leading Hybrid Teams Successfully

Trainer : Paul Stuart

Duration : 1-month training (July)

Mode : Virtual workshop

This workshop, which is specifically created for a brewery and its employees, explores pragmatic, practical, and feasible ways to ensure that team members will continue to thrive in a hybrid working environment. The training provides an overview for improved team engagement in the new hybrid environment, noting that for some, working from home is business as usual. For others, however, it may seem exciting at first but loses its appeal over time, resulting in disengagement. And when employees aren’t engaged, productivity and motivation drop.

Kaleidoskope - The 5 Dysfunctions of Teams

New Associates Learning Journey

Trainer : Paul Stuart/Nicole Smart

Duration : 1-month training (September)

Mode : Face-to-face workshops in Geneva, Switzerland

Kaleidoskope takes its high-potential talent development programme to Geneva, Switzerland! In this learning journey designed for a global mining company, the participants have been identified as future leaders of the organisation. The training will cover the core competencies of a new manager, with discussions on Emotional Intelligence, Effective Business Communication, Impactful Presentation Skills, and Leading High Performing Teams.

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