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Skills are seldom mastered overnight, and their application in the workplace takes time as well as the support from co-workers and supervisors. It is frequently an iterative process which requires constant adjustment and feedback.

When designing a High Performance Learning Journey (HPLJ), based on the concept pioneered by Dr. Robert O. Brinkerhoff, the solutions design team at Kaleidoskope makes sure that everyone who takes part in our learning initiatives really learns.

Dr. Brinkerhoff is the globally recognised evaluation and learning effectiveness expert behind the Success Case Method, which has been successfully tried and tested by organisations around the world. During his 40-year career, he has advised several multinationals, spoken at numerous conferences, and written books such as “High Impact Learning” and “Achieving Results from Training”.

Dr. Brinkerhoff’s HPLJ Approach combines fundamental learning theories with performance improvement models and the 70-20-10 concept. This approach has been proven to significantly enhance training effectiveness in the workplace.

Kaleidoskope is the only learning programme provider in Singapore that has been certified in Dr. Brinkerhoff’s Learning Journey Approach, which balances the four following elements:

  • Committing to the Journey
    The return on investment into learning is defined for both programme participants and the organisation.
  • Building the Knowledge Foundation
    Programme participants gain enough knowledge to begin practising and developing their new skills before the actual learning event.
  • Developing and Practising Skills
    Focus is placed not just on practising the skill but also on feeling better and more confident about using it as a better way to complete workplace tasks.
  • Strengthening Results
    Programme participants are given the tools and direction they need to be able to continue the learning journey.

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