Overall Aim:

This practical stakeholder management programme aims to help participants identify key stakeholders and define their roles, establish how committed they are to the project, align and prioritise stakeholder requirements to business and organisational objectives, and gain ‘buy-in’. Participants will explore appropriate communication methodologies to craft a coherent message that gets across.

How you benefit:

  • Identify different stakeholders and create tailored plans to meet their needs
  • Understand others’ behaviours and choose appropriate influencing strategies
  • Convince and manage others without the use of line authority
  • Use different styles of communication to engage different stakeholders
  • Successfully engage your teams in the delivery of major change initiatives

Programme Outline:

  • Identifying and analysing your stakeholders using analysis models and tools
  • Creating your own stakeholder mapping model
  • Understanding the motivations of your stakeholders
  • Using the right style preferences to influence others
  • Creating a road map to successful influencing
  • Exploring Push & Pull type of behaviours
  • Using effective communication strategies
  • Selecting communication methodologies to get your messages across

Who should attend:

New managers, mid-level managers, and high potentials, as well as individual contributors or managers looking to manage stakeholders in a variety of environments.

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