Our methodology is founded on 5 key BELIEFS:-

We believe that learning is a journey, not a single event, and should be managed accordingly.

The challenge facing most behavioural skills learners is not finding out what to do, but working out how to integrate new skills into their daily work.

Thus, for true learning transfer to take place learners need to have:

  • clearly agreed and articulated objectives for attending the training
  • a clear understanding of what is expected to change after the training and how it will be measured
  • opportunities for initial practice in a safe environment
  • coaching on how they can best apply their new skills and approaches
  • opportunities to apply their learning in their day-to-day role
  • support from their immediate manager when back in the workplace
  • opportunities to review their progress with peers and the facilitator

We partner with Promote International to provide a convenient platform to help you achieve all of the above conditions and so create a true “Learning Journey”.

We recognise that time away from work is a precious commodity and should be used accordingly. Hence, when designing a solution we:

  • aim to minimise lecture time and maximise practice opportunities
  • deliver the tools, techniques and models ahead of the programme using a variety of different formats
  • provide a variety of skills development modalities including simulations, real-plays, role-plays and case studies
  • ensure the skills practice sessions will be feedback-rich so that participants have specific, actionable development goals

We partner with leading simulation providers such as Knolskape to offer realistic, interactive simulations which can enhance skills in a safe environment.

We understand the pressure to demonstrate that learning really is a worthwhile investment that produces a tangible impact on business results.
Using our learning analytics partner, Metrics That Matter (MTM), you will be able to:

  • demonstrate to stakeholders the ROI from our programmes
  • show that the learning delivers quantifiable results
  • reduce wasted investment in ineffective learning programmes

We will work with you to use the MTM analytics to validate and enhance the effectiveness of our programmes.

We recognise that organisations will continue to seek innovative, cost-effective ways of delivering learning using a variety of delivery modes and that technology will play a major part in such initiatives.

This is why we leverage strategic partnerships with leading organisations such as KNOLSKAPE and Metrics That Matter to improve learning effectiveness and demonstrate value to your organisation.
In addition, we are constantly integrating new and emerging technology to enhance the overall learning experience.

Our trainers are equipped with a wealth of diverse and extensive corporate experience. They carry a robust understanding of what it takes to help your learners achieve the knowledge, skills and abilities your organisation needs within the appropriate corporate culture.

Our trainers enrich our programmes by making them more relevant, practical and engaging. The learning journey is grounded in real-world applications and insights that can significantly benefit learners in their professional roles.

After all, we are lifelong learners too.

Of course, it goes without saying that we have robust and effective processes to ensure that we:

  • have a thorough understanding of your precise business challenges as well as the characteristics of the target audience
  • fully appreciate your business context, culture and environment
  • tailor our design to meet these unique needs
  • use only proven facilitators
  • certify our facilitators thoroughly to ensure that they deliver what is required
  • conduct frequent reviews with all relevant parties to update and improve our programmes

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