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Embark on a High-Performance Virtual Learning Journey with Us!

Kaleidoskope Virtual Learning

Our virtual leadership training courses ensure that your learning journey continues, even in these trying times.

The entire world has been facing difficult challenges in the past months—vastly changing the global business landscape and redefining organisational dynamics as we know it. With the prevailing health crisis, disruptive innovation has taken on a new meaning across all aspects of life, ushering in the advent of what’s now being called the new normal.

However, with an increasingly dispersed workforce, how can you ensure the continuance of your organisation’s learning? How can you sustain learning engagement across your teams in the absence of face-to-face interactions? How can you optimise the downtime, especially at this period of quarantine?  And when staying home, and safe, is an imperative?

Embarking on Kaleidoskope’s virtual leadership learning journeys is a viable and effective approach. Our online delivery system allows you to leverage, streamline, and optimise knowledge-transfer within your organisation, so learning doesn’t need to stop. We continue to equip you and your organisation with the tools for your learning and development needs.

Make our virtual learning journeys a part of your growth-enabling resource in enhancing your leadership learning experience today.

Online Learning as an Alternative to Training Workshops

In the current environment, the organisation is probably de-centralised, and many working from different parts of the world.  Communicating learning engagement becomes much more of a challenge. Enhanced travel constraints may have perhaps hindered learning plans, and opportunities.  Face-to-face workshops are currently improbable, and there’s no telling when this situation will be reversed.

Fortunately, virtual training platforms don’t require the additional time or expenses of travel, and can be accessed at a time and place that’s convenient for you. They enable your team members to connect directly, regardless of location—a benefit that you can reap long after the mandatory lockdown has been lifted.

Moreover, studies show that online learning platforms are effective in promoting interaction because of the pseudo-anonymity it affords the participants. People who feel too shy to participate in face-to-face group dynamics may now find the courage, given the comfort zone that a virtual environment provides.

At Kaleidoskope, our online learning tools are designed to sustainably support the learning journey with frequent check-ins, supporting, accompanying and engaging learners. Because there are no venue constraints, it’s now easier for participants to reconvene more often, thereby supporting more effective peer-to-peer, facilitator-led learning and interaction.

Safeguarding Your Systems’ Security

System security is naturally a top-of-mind concern for organisations right now, especially with the increased breaches on various platforms that have come to light in recent months. This is why creating a secure space for online learning sessions is our priority at Kaleidoskope.

All our virtual learning journeys are designed to be compatible with your own system requirements and IT security protocols. In fact, our virtual training platforms have effectively, and successfully supported an extensive client base, without compromising IT security systems.

Tangible Takeaways from a Virtual Learning Journey

Our virtual workshops  are short and succinct, sharply focused on disseminating useful information on a wide range of topics that range from leadership skills to effective approaches to management, or simply staying mentally healthy in these times.

Our online learning sessions provide access to a virtual venue for creating dialogues, reflections, and sharing ideas.  To keep our participants engaged, we have incorporated a wide variety of interactive activities into our online sessions, including break-out group discussions, presentations, quizzes and polls.

Graphs, infographics, and other visual aids are frequently referenced in our workshops.

Even e-learning beginners and noobs can reap the many and immediate benefits of our virtual learning journey, as it’s tailored and designed on an interface that’s instinctive and easy to navigate.

Virtual Learning Journey Sessions

Just to get you started, we are introducing a series of leadership learning and skill-building sessions.  

  • Stress Alarms Buttons: where are your stres buttons, and what happens in the brain when you’re stressed!
  • #HappinessHacks: what does happiness at work and in life look like, and how can we cultivate happiness?
  • Time and Priority Management: how to streamline your work and maximise your productivity.
  • Managing Up: techniques to improve your working relationships with your supervisors and managers.
  • Influencing Skills: how to impel others to support your ideas without wielding authority.
  • Giving Constructive Feedback: strategies to using feedback in achieving results
  • Effective Meetings: making online meetings more engaging, and correcting bad meeting habits.
  • Being Assertive: how to get your ideas across by being open, honest, and directJust to get you started, we are introducing a series of leadership learning and skill-building sessions.

With our virtual learning journeys, there’s no reason to stop learning.

At Kaleidoskope, we are committed to delivering innovative and sustainable learning opportunities, and to continue to support you as a learning partner through these extraordinary times and beyond.

Our virtual learning sessions are facilitated by seasoned trainers, backed by many years of corporate leadership experience and expertise.

Learn more about Kaleidoskope’s trainers and find out what it takes to be a leader of learners

Get in touch with us today for details on our virtual learning initiatives that are most relevant to you or your organisation’s needs.

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